Join our High Performance Tennis and School Program at Wesley College Melbourne


XSOAR recognises it can be a challenging experience for high performance athletes and their families to balance the demands of daily training, competition, school, commuting, family time, friends, homework and extra-curricular activities.

To support and help foster the next wave of sporting talent, XSOAR has joined with Wesley College Melbourne, one of Australia’s leading International Baccalaureate (IB) coeducational schools, to establish a full-time High Performance Tennis and School Program for emerging tennis players of secondary school age (Please visit: www.wesleycollege.net/tennis).

XSOAR’s dynamic and innovative program started in 2018 and has continued to provide aspiring tennis players with a unique opportunity to pursue their sporting talent in tandem with a first-class all-round education.



Through seamless integration of academic excellence, advanced sports performance training and an emphasis on the personal development of each individual, XSOAR’s mission is to develop well-rounded athletes who break boundaries in sport, education and across all areas of life.

By equipping athletes with broad and transferable skills, XSOAR is able to facilitate access to diverse sporting and career pathways including the professional tennis circuit, U.S. Colleges, Australian universities and careers in the global sports industry.


Wesley College is a leading coeducational International Baccalaureate (IB) school and prides itself on delivering a True Education – one that develops well-rounded individuals who aspire to achieve their personal best in all areas of learning. Wesley College offers a broad and comprehensive curriculum that promotes not only academic excellence but has a concentrated focus on the Arts, Sport, Outdoor Education and Community.


The XSOAR Performance PillarsTM develop athletes across six core areas – technical, tactical, physical, mindset, nutrition and life skills, found to maximise athletic and personal development. With expert coaches, a research-driven training methodology, access to professional grade facilities and a challenging and motivating learning environment, XSOAR provides the ultimate foundation for athletes to unleash their true potential.


We strive to develop well-rounded athletes who are global citizens and positive role models for future generations. XSOAR has brought together a team of experts who equip athletes with bespoke life skills required to succeed as high performance athletes. Wesley College also offers a range of experiential learning programs that accelerate the personal development of individuals.


XSOAR is delivered by a team of professionals across diverse fields of endeavour including tennis, fitness, sports psychology, nutrition and life skills. XSOAR’s high performance team bring to the program extensive knowledge, skills and expertise in building high performance tennis players and diverse networks and professional associations in the global tennis industry.

Athletes enrolled in XSOAR will be provided with access to state-of-the-art sporting facilities located at Wesley College’s Glen Waverley campus and at various leading facilities in Melbourne. Advanced video analysis technology will be integrated into the program to accelerate the technical and tactical progression of the athlete’s game.


To register your interest in Xsoar’s High Performance Tennis and School Program, please click the link below.


Partnerships play an integral role in providing athletes enrolled in XSOAR with the support they require to pursue their sporting talent and unleash true potential. Our partners help us continue to drive innovative in peak performance. We support one another, drive one another and celebrate breaking boundaries together

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