Xsoar is a story about breaking boundaries and unleashing the true potential of each individual


Lauren Breadmore, the Founder of Xsoar, was the National Champion for tennis during her time at high school. Given there was not a robust tennis program offered at her high school, Lauren had to seek out and travel to tennis programs across Victoria, Australia and the world to advance her tennis. This meant a lot of time was spent travelling during the week and weekends and there was little connectivity between her schooling and tennis development.

To provide a better solution and experience for the next generation, Lauren founded Xsoar Perform with the mission to empower aspiring tennis players to break boundaries and unleash their true potential both on and off the court.

Lauren’s combined passions for education (Lauren achieved an ATAR score of 99.1 and was the Alexander Wawn Scholar Dux Recipient at Wesley College) and tennis (she was one of Australia’s leading tennis players), are at the heart of Xsoar.

Xsoar is all about empower aspiring players of all ages and standards to break boundaries and unleash their true potential. We do this by tapping into the unique X-Factor potential of each indivdual and developing the technical, tactica, physical, mindset, nutrition and life skill pillars of their game, to help them SOAR to new heights.

Through the development journey that each of our players goes on in our programs, we aim to create individuals who are ROLE MODELS, GLOBAL CITIZENS and WELL-ROUNDED athletes.